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Online Solicit of a Minor Sexual Conduct

Defending Against Charges of Online Solicit of a Minor sexual conduct

The number of instances involving the online sexual solicitation of a minor has increased in recent years due to the surge in internet usage. These are significant crimes with potentially dire repercussions, such as extended prison terms and lifetime disgrace. You must get legal counsel right away if you or someone you know is being accused of indecent solicitation of a minor. An attorney with experience in these types of situations can be of great help in navigating the court system and putting together a compelling defense.

Sexual solicitation of a minor Charges:

It’s important to comprehend the kind of accusations that may be brought against someone for online solicit of a minor sexual conduct before learning how a defense attorney might assist. Frequently through online channels like social media, chat rooms, or dating apps, these accusations often entail having sexual chats or interactions with an underage participant. Ignorance is not a defense in these situations, even if the person thought the other party was of legal age. Depending on the jurisdiction and particulars of the case, there are differences in the seriousness of the charges and possible fines.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help:

  1. Legal Experience:
  • A defense attorney with knowledge of pertinent statutes, court decisions, and procedural rules will focus on matters involving the sexual solicitation of a minor.
  • They can evaluate your case’s particulars, recognize possible defenses, and create a well-thought-out legal strategy suited to your circumstances.
  1. Protection of Rights:
  • Preserving a client’s constitutional rights during the judicial proceedings is one of the defense attorney’s primary responsibilities.
  • This involves making certain that you were not subjected to any rights violations by law enforcement during the investigation or arrest, such as when they carried out an unauthorized search or seizure or neglected to advise you of your Miranda rights.
  1. Investigation and Evidence Gathering:
  • A defense attorney will examine the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense. Building a complete picture of what happened may require gathering evidence, such as chat logs, emails, or social media interactions.
  • They might even hire private investigators or forensic professionals to find more evidence that would strengthen your case.
  1. Contest the Prosecution’s Evidence:
  • The prosecution usually places a strong emphasis on digital evidence, such as chat logs or email exchanges, in instances involving the online solicitation of a minor.
  • An experienced defense attorney will carefully examine this evidence to look for any discrepancies, errors, or indications of entrapment. They could also contest the evidence’s legitimacy or admissibility if it were collected illegally or under duress.
  1. Negotiation with Prosecutors:
  • In some circumstances, it may be possible to negotiate a good plea deal or fewer charges with the prosecution. 
  • An experienced defense attorney in these kinds of cases will know how to take advantage of the prosecution’s flaws and mitigating circumstances to get a positive result for their client.
  1. Courtroom Representation:
  • If your case proceeds to trial, a defense attorney will tenaciously defend you in court. They will cross-examine witnesses, provide evidence, and make legal arguments on your behalf.
  • Their objective is to get an acquittal or a favorable outcome by raising reasonable doubts about the prosecution’s case.
  1. Post-Conviction Options:
  • Let’s say you are found guilty of criminal solicitation of a minor. If that is the case, a defense attorney can still assist in looking into post-conviction alternatives, like appealing the verdict or requesting a different sentence.
  • They will keep up their defense of your rights and interests during the court case.

To Wrap Up:

Being accused of indecent solicitation of a minor can be intimidating and could change your life. However, you may handle the legal system and put up a strong defense against these accusations with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

With over 50 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. bring unparalleled knowledge and competence to every case. A defense attorney is essential to preserving your freedom and future because they defend your rights, refute the prosecution’s evidence, and speak up for you in court. Be sure to get legal counsel if you or someone you know is being charged with these crimes. Get in touch with us right now!


A minor who is under the legal age of consent is someone who is being sexually solicited if they are being invited, seduced, or convinced to participate in sexual behavior. Social media and various digital communication platforms are often employed for this objective. It constitutes a serious criminal offense with severe repercussions.

Facing allegations of online solicit of a minor sexual conduct can lead to significant consequences, including solicitation of a minor sentence, substantial fines, mandatory registration as a sex offender, damage to one’s reputation, and diminished prospects for the future.

A criminal defense attorney can offer vital support by carefully reviewing the evidence against you, pointing out any procedural inaccuracies or rights violations by the police, developing a tactical defense based on the particulars of your case, negotiating reduced charges or alternative resolutions with the prosecution, and tenaciously defending your rights in court.

If you feel that you have been wrongly accused, you should speak with no one but your lawyer about the accusations. You should also assist law enforcement as much as possible while utilizing your right to silence. To prove your innocence and disprove the charges, your attorney can help gather evidence such as witness statements, alibis, and technological communications.

It is true that evidence gathered through Internet communication may be contested in court on a number of grounds, including faulty management of electronic evidence, lack of authentication, and illegal search and seizure. An experienced defense lawyer can evaluate whether the evidence against you is admissible and can submit moves to suppress or exclude it if it was obtained illegally or is untrustworthy.

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